Free Credit Check

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I want to see if I can get credit for a vehicle without obligation to buy

If you want to find out what your options are then the best thing to do is contact MK Military Finance either by phone or by clicking the ‘Get Started Today’ button at the top of this page. One of our Loan Assistants will call you straight back and we’ll be happy to perform a search on your file and discuss your options without obligation. This is a free service whether you proceed or not. If you would like to use this service please do so only if you are considering buying a car, for credit file enquiries please read on.

I want to get a copy of my credit file

(Please read all of the below before deciding what is right for you)
There are three main credit reference agencies. You have a right to see the information they hold on you and they will send you a copy for a nominal fee. Obtaining a copy of your credit file costs £2 and you will need to write, or visit the website, to either one or more of the below;

Customer Support Centre
Experian Ltd
PO Box 8000
NG80 7WF

Or call, 0800 013 88 88

Equifax Ltd
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 10036

Or call, 0845 603 3000

Call Credit
Consumer Services Team
PO Box 491

Or call, 0330 024 7574

One of the popular ways of getting a copy of your credit report is through Credit Expert from Experian. You can access your Credit Report for free for 30 days* by signing up here.
*A monthly fee of £14.99 applies after your free trial. You may cancel during your 30-day free trial without charge. New customers only.
Please note MK Military Finance is not responsible for content, services, or charges levied by a third party.

Important Information

When you apply for any of the online services there is an option to ‘get your credit score’. There is some merit in the information provided but it is not an absolute rule as to whether you can obtain credit or not. Each lender will ‘score’ your application very differently. Even people with very low ‘scores’ may well be able to obtain credit, alternatively, sometimes people with high scores will be declined. Your credit application is dependant on many factors such as your employment, income, exposure to current debt, amount you are looking to borrow and so on. When you apply for your ‘score’ it will not take into consideration any of the factors that a lender would consider when applying for a loan.

If you want a response tailored to you that considers all elements of your application then we suggest you click the ‘Get Started’ button to your right.