I am pleased to express my satisfaction with the clarity, conciseness, and informativeness of the information provided by MK Finance Group during my application process.

Ensuring a smooth and transparent application process is of utmost importance, and MK Finance Group has demonstrated their excellence in this regard.

If I were to rate my overall experience with MK Finance Group on a scale of 1 to 5, I would confidently give it a 5. This is not the first time I have had a positive experience with MK Finance Group, as it is now my second time working with them.

In addition, I will always highly recommend MK Finance Group to my friends and family.

WO2 Joseph. N.
Jan 2024

Thank you so much for your service. The information provided from the onset was very helpful and the team at MK finance is very dedicated in getting the job done and at the same time giving the customer a good customer service.

On a scale of 1 to 5 I will give you guys a 5. Five being the best service rendered to me.

I would recommend MK finance anytime to my friends and family because you guys are worth it.

PTE. Francisco N.
Nov 2023

I’m very pleased with your customer service overall.
Very smooth, and show the quality of staff that work in MK Finance.
I would definitely recommend the company to other military members who work with me.
MK Finance you are the best,I wasnt expecting to get a new car,because of my credit score.
You guys are fantastic.
Ryan has been excellent in his service to me.
Bravo..Bravo 5 Star * Service.

Sgt Luke. S.
Nov 2023

During my application with MK, the communication was very clear and precise and your team was very helpful. I always knew exactly what was going on and it made the process very easy.

I would rate my experience a 5, very good thank you.

I would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family!

LCPL Arran M.
Nov 2023

Generally the hole experience has been a dream, with the amount of tasks and chores moving to our new posting overseas this has been the easiest by far.
Ryan has been a pleasure to work with and has been informative and reactive, In regards to all my queries.

I Would rank MK 5 out of 5

CPL. Richard. G.
Oct 2023

Hey, Thankyou for helping me out with this it’s much appreciated. Information I was provided with by Ryan was crystal clear, tasks that were set was explained and hassle free, I would 100% recommend mk military finance to friends and family, as I have done in the past, cheers for your help !

Pte. Adam. P
Oct 2023

I would to take this time Thank The MK Finance Group for allowing me to loan in there business. During my application the information provided by the MK Finance Group was very clear and helpful to me and On a scale of 1 to 5, I rate it to 5 because overall experience with this business its real interesting and learning new skills. I will recommend MK finance Group to my family and friends cause its really helpful for everyone who wants apply loan toa this business company cause it really meet the needs and wants. Thank you.

Gnr Inoke S.
Sep 2023

My experience with MK finance has been amazing. I’ve received nothing but help from the staff who made it the process of getting my finance way simpler. I would highly recommend MK finance to everyone. Overall experience is definitely a 5

CFN Charles H.
Sep 2023

The customer service was 10/10

I will highly recommend this services to my family and friends.

Lbdr Viliame N.
Sep 2023


Yes I would say the information was clear, concise and informative and I would rate my experience 5 out of 5 without hesitation, as such, I have already recommended MK Finance to friends and colleagues. Friendly, helpful and professional from start to finish. Thank you.

Kind regards

Mr Ben G.

Flight Lt Benjamin G.
Aug 2023

Mk finance were very helpful from my first application right through till funds were sent to the dealer. James who I dealt with was very professional and extremely helpful throughout the whole process and all relevant information was provided in a timely manner. I would recommend MK Finance to my family and friends.

Cpl David. G.
Aug 2023


I had the best services that at the begging it was hard to believe it was a legit financial platform. Staff are friendly, supportive and always there for you when you need help, either through a phone call or emails.

I would highly recommend to Commonwealth soldiers or anyone that have not lived in the UK for 3 years to get in touch with MK Finance Group to get the loan for your dream car.

Many thanks

Pte Laurence. L.
Aug 2023

Good Afternoon,

First of all, I would like to thank Ryan and the MK Team for working hard in securing my car finance. They service I receive was quick and professional.

Thank you.

WO2 T. Bevu
Jul 2023

MK MILITARY FINANCE is the way to go. The service is fast, efficient and fit for purpose. Customer service is amazing and they are always easy to get on the phone. Tell them your budget and they will find their best lender to fit your needs. I have no regrets, money was in my account ASAP, I own my car out right and I’m paying back my loan comfortably with no stress and savings attached. very easy process 10 star rating.

LBdr Sheavan. T.
May 2023

It has been a very quick and easy process and I highly recommend

Pte Cole L.
Mar 2023

Good Morning Ryan

Thank you so much for everything, I have received the funds.

MK Military Finance is very professional in all aspects. Time efficient in no time I have the funds to go get my car. I really do appreciate. thank you Ryan for getting everything going for us and never getting tired of answering out questions in a polite and professional manner and  picking up every call.

PTE Merunissa. H.
Mar 2023

Thanks a lot Ryan. You and Jamie where honestly the most patient and outgoing people I’ve ever met in customer service. Easy to talk to, consistently kept me in the loop and informed me on what I needed to do and how everything was doing

Fusilier Nathan. L.
Mar 2023

very good service and a lot of patience. i phoned numerous times a day and no doubt i stressed you out but you were very helpful and informative and good at your job. thanks very much

Fusilier. Angus T.
Mar 2023

My experience with MK Military Finance has been amazing there has been a lot of communication with the team helping along the way of my financial agreement and have answers to any questions I had and have been very professional with the services they offer to finance.

Signaller Rhys. W
Feb 2023

Thank you very much for all the help and guidance you’ve provided for me, MK Finances was very easy to apply for and the staff were very fast with getting everything done as well as making it as easy as possible for me. I would definitely recommend MK Finances to my colleagues and would use them again myself in the future.

PTE. Ellie. A.
Jan 2023

Good morning Ryan

Thank you so much for your assistance, I really appreciate all the help that MK finance has provided for me in regards to my car loan.

kind regards


Fusilier Taniela. Q.
Nov 2022

That’s brilliant Thankyou!

I appreciate how quick and easy you guys have made the process.

Leading Seaman (CPL) Martin. G.
Nov 2022

It was really smooth and fast and was explained really well.

PTE Dylan. J.
Nov 2022

Good morning

I would like to thank you for the service. In my experience of your your service I think MK Finance is really fast, proper, simple and the best way we could apply for finance.

You have a good day.

Many thanks

Craftsman Ilisapeci. N.
Oct 2022

I am pleased to hear that I got through with MK Military Finance. The process was smooth and the communication was really good, which made it easy.  I recommend this to anyone in the military, to sign up and go through this process. Again thank you MK Military Finance, for giving me the opportunity to get my first car here in the UK.

PTE. Keddy. L.
Oct 2022

Brilliant company, efficient and very helpful

SPR. Kyran. W.
Oct 2022

Thank you so much for the help it’s been a fast process and great communication! This is really going to help me out with my finances and getting back on track with everything!

Will 1000% be recommending to people in the same situations as me. And a big thanks to Ryan chambers for sorting it out!!!

Pte. Demi A.
Oct 2022

That’s great, thank you. I really appreciate your service.

Pte. Iniki B.
Oct 2022

It was a really great experience I’m so glad I use you as I’ve never been able to get approved thank you so much

Pte. Maize P.
Oct 2022

My experience with MK Military Finace was really good decent and friendly people, helped you through your application process up until you get your loan. I would really recommend MK Military Finance.

Special thanks to Ryan Chambers for helping me through the process.

Many Thanks.

LCpl Joeli R.
Sep 2022

What a pleasure to use this service, very very approachable and the service was very helpful. Thanking you so much MK Finance team for the help.

Pte. Seniuwa K.
Aug 2022

Thank you both for your time and effort over the last 2 days in helping me secure the funds to buy the car.

Your speed and diligence was greatly appreciated under tight timelines – thanks again.

Cpt. Richard C.
Jul 2022

Experience was easy relaxed and stress free and everyone was very helpful, definitely would recommend this service.

Kind regards


Engr. James U.
Jul 2022

Both yourself and Jamie have been extremely helpful and made the process of applying for this carload unbelievably smooth.

I commend you on your professional service and I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues & friends.

Thank you once again.

Marine. Julian M.
Jul 2022

I’d love to say that the service I received was outstanding. It was the easiest loan application I’ve ever done. The staff were so polite and helpful.
Definitely looking forward to applying woth you in the near future and I’ll definitely tell my friends about MK Finance Group.

Prv. Kalivati V.
Jul 2022

Really happy with the customer service and options provided.

LCPL Domino. D
Jul 2022


My experience with MK Finance has been outstanding the advice and help provided is second to none. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to finance a vehicle.

Kind regards
Matt Bosch

Marine Matthew. B.
Jun 2022

My experience with you guys was very acceptable. You’ve help me along the way I am so thankful for your help kind regards.

Guardsman. Hasane C.
Jun 2022

Alot of my colleagues in the force didn’t know about you and how possible this can be within a short period of time with no hassle at all. Everything went easy and smoothly, and I will also returned your kindness by telling my colleagues about you especially we the ones from commonwealth countries as we know very little about car finance or loan as this sort of things don’t exist back in our part of the world.

So thank you so much and will let you know about the car after I bought it so once again thabk you so much and its a pleasure doing business with MK Military Finance team with no hassle at all.

PTE. Modou D.
Jun 2022


A really fantastic service I have received from Jamie today. At each stage, the requirements and expectations were explained very clearly and Jamie on standby to assist where needed – really appreciated.

Thank you and will surely recommend your service to whoever requires it.


WO2 Abdou. B.
Jun 2022

Thank you for your help.. I’m happy for you guys to help me about it.The respond from you guys is very powerful.

PTE. Isoa. T
May 2022

Ryan and Jamie were absolutely out standing there professionalism and swift replies made me very confident about the whole process, there are no two finer people who I could’ve had. Very pleased with the service they provided and I hope anyone else who deals with these two have the same experience I did. I cannot fault their help in any way.

Craftsman Dylan. A
May 2022

Thank you very much for helping me with this, I really appreciate it. Its been a good experience for me and your services has been great and excellent.

Absolutely yes, I will be looking forward inthe future to take another loan form your organisation once I have cleared all my debts.

Thank you again for you kind assistance and helping me in this matter.

TRP. Albert R.
Apr 2022

The service in which I have been provided with by MK finance, was of the highest standard. A Big thank you to Jamie for handling my case very quick and professionally. Would certainly recommend to other service personnel who are looking at financing a new car.

SAC Kurtiss S.
Apr 2022

You are the best. Very excellent service. God bless

PTE. Akinyemi. A.
Apr 2022

Afternoon Ryan,

Much appreciated for the offer and tremendous support throughout my Finance Application. I know fully well with being based overseas has it’s massive impact on my credit history and very difficult for us to secure any sort of credit, eventhough it should be based upon affordability!. I basically thought to myself, “if I try apply for a car Finance, by all means if it’s accepted then all good. If not, then it wasn’t meant to be”.

MK Military Finance has made it possible by overlooking credit history but focus on our own affordability and how we can build on that. By introducing myself to a lender that works closely with military personnel and assisted me throughout the process. The experience will be forever beholden.

Kind regards,

SPR Tomasi. R.
Apr 2022

Very helpful and clear to understand, thank you very much for the help and guidance throughout this process 5 star rating from me.

Signaller John. N.
Apr 2022

I’m really pleased with all the help you did.. and also it’s really fast.. I do appreciate all the help and advice that has been given to me.. really appreciate it

Trooper Netani. T.
Apr 2022

I am really happy with MK finance the way they help me through I’m so glad to have work in partners with MK finance thank you

TPR. Ratu Manasa L.
Apr 2022

I’m more than satisfied with the amout of services and personal attention rendered to me im one more satisfied customer and I’d recommend any one looking for a car finance even a personal loan what ever the need i grantee they will deliver with 100% customer satisfaction thank you MK FINANCE

GDSM. Vallous. S.
Apr 2022

Brilliant experience with mk finance, Jamie was very helpful, where I’ve been unsuccessful in other places, mk finance have come through with support at every step, 10/10 would recommend, can’t wait to get my new car, thanks Jamie, and thank you mk finance.

L Cpl. Kyle G.
Mar 2022

I just wanna say a massive thank you for helping me out on this its been a pleasure working with you.

Mar 2022

Can I just start by saying how pleased I am with the service that was provided to me, it was hassle free and was dealt in a very quick and productive manner, all the information was very much clear and well explained to me in great detail, I was always able to contact Ryan with any questions I had with no problem he made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions, thank you for all your help , I will definitely recommend to fellow work colleagues who are looking to purchase a car .

Pte. Anil D.
Feb 2022

Thank you so much for the help, im truly happy with the service provided

Pte. Winicia M.
Feb 2022

I was happy with the service offered to me and the staff were friendly and always quick to respond to me .

Pte. Sairusi M.
Feb 2022

I have never come across a customer service so sufficient and on the dot like Mk Finance. Its not even merely a week and i am just moments away from getting my new car. I Personally would like to thank you all for a tremendous work shown and the anticipation in getting customers like me what they want. Once again, Thank You Ryan i definitely will reccommend MK Finance to my friends.

Pte. Peni T.
Jan 2022

Very much enjoyed dealing with MK Military Finance. I was talked through the entire process and Ryan was always available to answer any of my questions. Kudos to the team – will be recommending to friends.

AC. Lukasz T.
Jan 2022

The process with MK was very easy and professional.
very helpful throughout the process and willing to help no matter the problem.
They were quick to respond and answer any questions

Fusilier. Wayne G.
Dec 2021

Iam happy with the Service your guys provide also with the help your guys provide especially with the Loan which you guys have good connection with the Plane saver Company.
Really makes things easy for us

Pte. Taliaivalu M.
Dec 2021

I started the application less than a week ago and the process has been extremely smooth. It was about time I had a new car for myself and since my old one was no longer legal I was in a rush to get it in order to get home for Christmas. All this was done in the height of the Christmas period and the service was still quick and perfect. So thank you to yourself and MK Military Finance for facilitating all this so quick. Without you all I wouldn’t be driving home for Christmas on Monday in my new car.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Pte. Adam H.
Dec 2021

With everything the process was very smooth. Whenever there was an issue it was rectified very swiftly and always chased up. It was a painless process and very easy and quick from the moment of signing up to the moment of the final transaction.

Pte. Kaycee J.
Dec 2021

First i wanna thank you guys for helping me to find a car loan .You guys was with me from start to finish, iam very thankful. I could not fault MK military finance, you guys have been fantastic. Absolutely amazing customer service. I would definitely recommend Mk military finance

Pte. Lyson N.
Nov 2021

I was looking to buy a car for the first time in the UK, had no direction and with no major banks agreeing to finance my car the dream of owning a car was bleak but thankfully I came across MK military finance and from the get go they were so good, not only they helped me get a finance but they also gave me honest opinions and suggestions which was really appreciable. The way they communicate with the customer is the best thing they can or anyone else can do. With their help now I have got my finance approved and will be getting my car soon. Thank You for all your help and support.

Pte. Deepak R.
Sep 2021

MK finance the solution for the people if I would rate this company it’s a 10 out of 10

Spr. Waisake K.
Aug 2021